KokoTeatteri , Helsinki

A journey of four frogs – Nostalgia

5.2.- 27.3. Klo 19:00 - 19:00

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A journey of four frogs – “Nostalgia”, a dance piece celebrating the reunification of four renowned Theatre Academy dance alumnis is the headliner of KokoTheatre’s spring program. Ari Numminen, a pioneer in finnish choreography returns to direct in KokoTheatre after his last piece for dance theater Tsuumi.


”At this point we have pondered upon evolution, body memory, genderization – and this we will present to you as a relevatory exercise in artistry” – Ari Numminen


The first push for “Nostalgia” came from the dancer-choreographer-actor hybrid Metsälintu Pahkinen. After only the first rehearsals she was asked to foretell the themato-sphere of the upcoming. And without any hesitation she says: “The women who walk amongst wolves. The primal energy.” and to which she adds: “You mustn’t attack but love the enemy to death. I don’t where it’s all coming from but it just keeps on coming”


From the very beginning of the rehearsals we noticed that the life spent dancing and living together hasn’t faded, been forgotten nor lost at any point. Although a while had passed from our last joint production we rejoiced in our dance of reunion. Our joint physical presence bathed in the love of physical memory. As a fellow comrade of these times Pahkinen laughs and says: “It’s like I was there. In those hours, In those classes.” The class in question was the class of 1992. The first dance piece of this class was put together by who else but Ari Numminen. This notorious first production was called “Urakka”. The stage was filled with construction workers and angels. By the end the construction workers had build a house for the angels to live in. “It was just spectacular” says Pahkinen. “It was after that show that I thought to myself, if this is what dance can be, then dance is what I shall do!”


“Nostalgia” will be accompanied by the compositions of Laura Hänninen, a musical theatre prodigy and frequent collaborator of Ari Numminen. Hänninen has already put us to work as a five-tone choir and body percussion group.


Yes, not yet we know what is to come




It will come.


Dance: Anniina Kumpuniemi, Metsälintu Pahkinen, Anna Veijalainen ja Nina Viitamäki

Direction and Choreography: Ari Numminen

Music: Laura Hänninen

Costume Design: Virve Karoliina Balk

Lighting Design: Liisa Kyrönseppä

Graphic Design: Heidi Bergström

“Nostalgia” is a joint production between KokoTheatre ja Dance Theatre MD

“Nostalgia” will be performed on the Hällä arena of Tampere on 18.4.2020.

Tickets to the Hällä arena show are on sale at Dance Theatre DM:s website