Broken Hearts Club

3.5.- 9.5.

Performances In Koko Teatteri

  • 3.5. At 19
  • 8.5. At 19
  • 9.5. At 19
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Tickets 27/19

Broken Hearts Club comes back for three nights only!

“Se maitopurkki jäi pöydälle viimeisen kerran.”

Broken Hearts Club is KokoTheater’s new musictheaterclub where we take a trip from barkeups to all the relationship drama and finally to the magic of first love.

This is a show for anyone that’s ever been in love.

On stage: Elina Aalto, Tuomas Hautala, Aleksi Kaufmann, Sonja Sorvola
Director: Anna Veijalainen

The show and songs are in Finnish, but it is easy to follow