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Reetta Honkakoski:


a study on orthodoxy

A skillful and atmospheric physical theatre show about dogma and power

THE DESK is an attempt to understand the belief in our being right.

Extreme movements, doctrines, sects, political groups and cults offering a structured worldview, hope and security. THE DESK is a physical theatre piece about ideologies steamrolling individuals.

Reetta Honkakoski has specialized in the art of Corporeal Mime, which is a physical performing art form between spoken theatre and dance.

Honkakoski has worked at Helsinki City Theatre and the mime company Theatre de L’Ange Fou in London, among others. Her previous show, Duet for One (Teatteri Avoimet Ovet, 2015) was described as magical, talented and touching.


Director: Reetta Honkakoski

Performers: Julia Johansson, Josefin Karlsson (Swe), Charlott Lihnell (Swe), Liv Nordgren (Swe), Freia Stenbäck ja Reetta Honkakoski Light Design: Saija Nojonen Sound Design: Tuuli Kyttälä

Producer: Anni Leino

Video & Photo: Jonathan Rankle

Co-Production: Honkakoski & KokoTeatteri

Post-performance discussion: Wed 12.4.

This non-verbal show is suitable for everyone regardless of language.



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Age limit: All ages

Doors at 18:00