KokoTeatteri , Helsinki

The Curtain Falls – A Tragicomedic Musical About Alcoholism

23.4.- 26.4. Klo 19:00

Performances In Koko Teatteri

  • 23.3. At 19:00
  • 24.4. At 19:00
  • 25.4. At 19:00
  • 26.4. At 19:00
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Cutting straight into the meat of the true story that it’s based on, The Curtain Falls is the story of Nata, an addict in denial. We see her struggle keeping up the appearances through work, the mundane and menial all whilst falling down the spiral of lies and shame. Not even the infamous puukkojunkkari, Isontaloon Antti, freshly risen from the dead nor the voluptuous preach of Grandma Raakel can slow Nata down.
“There’s no point in living if you don’t live in a spectacle!”
The play toys with the concepts of identity, bliss and faith in it’s rather compassionate take on humanity and alcoholism. The discourse around the subject too often takes the face of a middle-aged family man or a lonesome retired widow. The Curtain Falls is here to break those dangerous fallacies, as anyone of us could be taken ill with this disease at any given point in our lives. It should be taken note of: this play does not exist to peddle fear but as an encouragement to face the true reality of things.
The score ranges from the operatic to the glitz and glam of Broadway, all the way to the nuanced compositions of Lasse Lintula.

Written by

Natalil Lintala

Directed by

Tero Heinämäki

Music by

Mari Kätkä


Natalil Lintala, Mari Kätkä ja Tero Heinämäki

The play is performed in Finnish.