KokoTeatteri , Helsinki

The Dancing Agitator

7.2.- 28.3. Klo 19:00 - 19:00

Performances In Koko Teatteri

  • 7.2. At 19:00
  • 10.2. At 19:00
  • 14.2. At 19:00
  • 17.2. At 19:00
  • 28.2. At 19:00
  • 2.3. At 19:00
  • 7.3. At 19:00
  • 9.3. At 19:00
  • 14.3. At 19:00
  • 16.3. At 19:00
  • 21.3. At 19:00
  • 23.3. At 19:00
  • 27.3. At 19:00
  • 28.3. At 19:00
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If I can’t dance to it, it’s not my revolution!

Power is cursed, that’s why I’m an anarchist.

Me too, me too!


Are women entitled to sexual autonomy?

What about public and political space?

Freedom of speech?

The right to love whomever one wants?

Liberty, equality, fraternity?


The Dancing Agitator is a play pondering current issues seen through the actions of two anarchists and well-informed individuals, unyielding to coercion. They take us back to the times of early women’s movement, labor movement, civil rights activism and dreams of revolution, to look in their mirror today.

The protagonists of the action are Emma & Louise –

the most dangerous woman in America, too-hot-to-handle Emma Goldman (1869−1940) and the leading star of Paris commune, isn’t-there-anyone-to-stop-her Louise Michel (1830−1905).

According to contemporary witnesses Emma is 8000 years ahead of her time, a magnetic apparition, a flame of free love and a gifted speaker. Emma’s heart is weighed down by the working conditions of corset factories, the enslavement of the poor and the imprisoned, the bomb attack at the workers demonstration and the executions of the innocent. But in the promised land of the Statue of Liberty the freedom of speech gets crushed against a woman’s brilliant mind and sharp tongue: it’s time for Emma hunt. Emma is arrested, suspected of inciting the shooting of the president. She gets a taste of the double standards of the puritans, xenophobia and a couple of other show movements in state managed rooms.

The Red Virgin of Montmartre, La Grande Dame of the revolution, the beloved teacher of the poor children, La Bonne Louise holds her balance in the eye of the storm. Stripped of her uniform, slandered as the she-wolf of revolution by the Versailles press, Louise stands trial, not giving in an inch since it seems that every heart that beats for freedom has no right to anything but a little slug of lead.

But what made Emma dress in frills and furbelows and stroll about the disreputable alleys of the city? And why on earth would Louise surrender alive from the barricade?

Not to mention the sea crossings, the prison islands and the love affairs…

What happens when women have had enough of negotiating with father, god, the old guard ruling the state, the besserwissers and all the other all male panelists?

Think – it’s not illegal yet.

Come and see as long as there’s time to play.


Written and directed by Helena Kallio

Performers Anna Veijalainen and Metsälintu Pahkinen

Set design Aili Ojalo

Lights Ainu Palmu

Costumes Sanja Kangas

Photography Jaakko Vuorenmaa


Language of performance is in finnish.