KokoTeatteri, Hämeentie 3 , Helsinki

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18.11.- 25.11. Klo 19:00 - 19:00

Performances In Koko Teatteri

  • 18.11. At 19:00
  • 19.11. At 17:00
  • 21.11. At 19:00
  • 22.11. At 19:00
  • 25.11. At 19:00
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The table is set

An evening of dance, music, drama and short film



The table is set

Eat, drink, everything is for free.

I promise we wont run out of anything

Bacchanal is a multidisciplinary performance by Dance Theatre Sivuun Ensemble.

On stage: Tiia Hämäläinen, Hanna Vahtikari, Saima Saari,
Mikko Perkola: Viola da gamba
Jarmo Saari: electric guitar, Theremin, trombone 
Direction & choreography: Ninni Perko
Composition & sound design: Mikko Perkola, Jarmo Saari
Text: Marko Järvikallas
Costume & stage design: Mila Nirhamo
Lighting design: Juha Tuisku
Photos & graphics: Hanna Sakara
Producer: Salli Berghäll

The Wunderers

The Wunderers is a shortfilm based on the hypnotic music of Jarmo Saari Republic.
Performers: Ninni Perko, Jarmo Saari, Tiia Hämäläinen, Salli Berghäll, Abdissa Assefa, Sami Kuoppamäki, Olavi Louhivuori

Directed, Written and edited, VFX by Janne Laiho

Music: Jarmo Saari Republic

Choreography: Ninni Perko

Director of Photography: Sakari Rinta-Valkama

Costume design: Niina Huovinen

Sound Design: Tuomas Skopa

Grip: Jani Lappeteläinen, Paavo Kolttola

Producer: Kimmo Koskinen

Assistants: Oliver Salo, Jelle Perko

Premiere 18.11.2017 at 19:00

Other performances: sun 19.11. at 17 and 21., 22., 25.11. at 19


In co-operation: KokoTeatteri, Artlab Productions and Jarmo Saari Republic

Language of Bacchanal is in finnish.

Supported by: The Finnish Cultural Foundation, The Arts Promotion Center Finland, The City of Helsinki Cultural Office, The Finnish Music Foundation, The Community House Saunabaari






Sivuun Ensemble
Sivuun Ensemble, founded and steered by choreographer-director Ninni Perko, is a multidisciplinary collective. Ensemble’s performances are intensive conversations between different art forms. Motion, music, image and text entwine into a collage of entities, opening seminal interpretations to current issues, significant for individuals and communities alike.

The whole of Ensemble’s function, its raison d’être, is driven by the search for equality and equity. The collective’s stage and touring pieces, communal projects and workshops reflect the belief their creators have in art justified by defending human values.


Jarmo Saari Republic
Known for his visual composition style, Jarmo Saari is one of the most original and versatile guitarists in Finland. He received the prestigious Finnish Suomi-award 2012. Saari has recently
formed a new superb lineup which, he says, he has been dreaming of for ten years. Now the time is finally ripe to introduce the Jarmo Saari Republic, which includes top names in
the Finnish rhythm music scene.

The group will polish the hypnotic moods of the Jarmo Saari Solu project into a ritualistic and colorful nirvana. Amazing musicianship, original instrumentation, and dynamic group work make this band
undoubtedly unforgettable. Is this what it might have sounded like if Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis would have played together?

Jarmo Saari – baritone guitar, taurus pedal, theremin, vocals
Abdissa “Mamba” Assefa – drums, percussion
Sami “Kuoppis” Kuoppamäki – drums
Olavi Louhivuori – drums