KokoTeatteri , Helsinki

As the Shadows Deepen

30.9.- 29.10. Klo 19:00

Performances In Koko Teatteri

  • 4.10. At 19:00
  • 5.10. At 19:00
  • 7.10. At 19:00
  • 11.10. At 19:00
  • 18.10. At 19:00
  • 19.10. At 19:00
  • 21.10. At 19:00
  • 25.10. At 19:00
  • 26.10. At 19:00
  • 28.10. At 19:00
  • 29.10. At 19:00

Tickets 27 / 19

As the shadows deepen

As the shadows deepen is an absurd comedy written by Jarkko Pajunen. It tells a story about a famous Finnish marshall Mannerheim and his horse, and their attempts to construct enduring world peace. At the same time they are trying to find their place and identity in eternal flow of world history. They ask why our country, Finland, has abandoned its natural position as a neutral state. Mannerheim and his horse feel they are totally lost in time.

As the shadows deepen is produced by PSF theatre collective. The main concept of PSF is to create theatre performances, which react rapidly to globally current issues. The PSF collective utilizes Holotive’s 3D hologram screen and 3D video design to meet today’s spectators’ visual experience better. PSF develops new theatre language, which can be understood globally, and combines new technologies to the enchantment of live theatre.

Directed by Miko Jaakkola

Actors Sesa Lehto, Jarkko Pajunen

Sound designed by Juha Tuisku

Produced by KokoTeatteri and PSF-collective


13641015_10154347152614547_1603141808004467325_o13765814_10154347149974547_648836847279334485_o13679974_10154347149169547_7644461181152389826_o13765796_10154347151379547_934653325684303930_oFotos: Miko Jaakkola

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