Our New Girl menu

Show & Dinner
Available for groups over 10 persons!
44 e / person incl. admission and dinner

“We ate what they ate, everybody was kissed by the sun and the children were running around the room, bringing wine and bread and being helpful…(Hazel)”


Chicken with chili-pesto-sauce

Fried vegetables


Quinoa salad

Marinated olives

Home made bread


Coffee and tea

Mango-cheesecake or  Berry-cheesecake (blueberry or strawberry)

bookings: 050 321 9919 or bookings(@)kokoteatteri.fi
Please inform our staff of all possible food allergies!

The dinner can be enjoyed between 17:00-18:30 or after the performance, if there are no other performances that night.

Intermission orders:

attn.! to be ordered a week beforehand:

Piece of berry cheesecake & glass of champagne  10,50 €

Piece of berry cheesecake & coffee with cognac 14,50 €

Piece of berry cheesecake & coffee 7,50 €

Piece of berry cheesecake 5,50 €

Spinach-goat cheese pie 3,50 €

Cheese/bacon muffin 3,50 €

Menus can be found above.

The KokoTheatre restaurant has A-rights and on performance nights we serve a varying selection of cakes to be enjoyed for example with champagne or cognac! 

Our catering services are also available for private events.

Please note! On every last Sunday of the month, Koko Jazz Club welcomes you to our special Jazz Brunch with live music!