Anna Veijalainen
Artistic Director of KokoTeatteri

Anna Veijalainen is a founder and an artistic director of KokoTeatteri.

Anna Veijalainen works as a writer, director and an actress. She is also a producer and takes care both theatres and Koko Jazz Clubs administation.

Anna is a member of the board in KokoTeatteri -yhdistys ry. For the 2017 she has been selected as a secretary of the board.

Anna´s contacts are +358 50 5909813 and anna(@)

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Anna Veijalainen is a Finnish theatre director, director, playwright and the leading founder of KokoTeatteri.

As a playwright she has done over a dozen pieces, notable mentions include; High Heels Society ‘08, Antifinlandia (Varjofinlandia) ‘10, Fallen (Pudonneet) ‘11/’12 and Miss Barbara – a human trafficking musical (Miss Barbara – ihmiskauppamusikaali)

Veijalainen has dramatized Anna Politkovskaya’s Putin’s Russia (Путинская Россия) in ‘06 and Andrus Kivirähk’s November (Rehepapp ehk November) in ‘07.

She has also done the translation to Sarah Kane’s Blasted, Nancy Harris’s Our New Girl and Lucy Kirkwood’s it felt empty when the heart went at first but it is alright now.


With Anna in our office work part-timers, students and trainees.