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FacingX on osa Balint Barabas Szigetin Teatterikorkeakoulun lopputyötä. FacingX tutkii teatterin, tanssin ja esityksen välistä tilaa. FacingX is an antimusical on temporality. "When you start to sing yourself in the deep dark forest." Esityskieli Suomi/Englanti. Esitykset 18.-19.3.


Paikka & aika

19. maalisk. 2024 klo 19.00 – 20.15

KokoTeatteri, Hämeentie 3, 00530 Helsinki, Finland

Tietoa tapahtumasta

Esitykset: 18.3. & 19.3. klo 19

FacingX on osa Balint Barabas Szigetin Taideyliopiston Teatterikorkeakoulun lopputyötä. Esitys on tehty yhteistyössä amerikkalaisen koreografin, suomalaisten näyttelijöiden ja slovakialaisen säveltäjän kanssa. 

FacingX tutkii teatterin, tanssin ja esityksen välistä tilaa. 

Esityskieli Suomi/Englanti. Esityksen kesto n. 75min. 


"when you start to sing yourself in the deep dark forest" 

FacingX. An antimusical on temporality 

While I'm writing this the waltz of the blue danube hunts me, it is crawling into me, completely imbue me, maybe it is in the space between the letters, 

what is the X we're try to facing with? does X open to interpretation or X open interpretation? where the urge to make music, to dance, to move, to talk, to build culture, to surround yourself with noise come from? 

we'd like to have a shared moment with the audience to meditate in these questions and experience the beauty of farewell, the moment when we start to hear our own breath 

facingX celebrates while making fun of music and culture as the most sophisticated remedy against silence and our nothingness. It is a celebration and a farewell, an experience on the beauty of extinction. 

Through the process we are seraching for non-itellectual ways of immersivity, which still grants the spectator the freedom of choice. 

The performance is part of Barabas's university research made in collaboration with an american choreographer, finnish and swedish actors, and a slovakian composer.

Mise an scene: Balint Barabas Szigeti

Choreography: Kadence Neill

Performers: Olli Kalliala, Jenni Murtonen, Vivi Kangasniemi, Li Krook

Composer: Jan Stevuliak 

Rita Csáky-Bogár and the Budapest Strauss Symphonic Orchestra for the recording of Blue Danube

Third planet for providing the song to be gone

Maze-Kalauz Márton for the song: Melankólikus Dallam

Overflow for the G6 remix

Olli Kalliala for the song: Mä en aio

and Ben Neill for The chase

Anna Veijalainen for the space of KokoTeatteri.


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